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Case of guidance of buy course of study: Occasionally does Pi of benzene Cheng
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[case] the Xiaofeng that during preparation is driven in the Olympic Games to hold, marries is troubled of late unceasingly, he prepares to buy an unit around secondhand room, if he can make a money inside this week,landlord is promised, still can fall again 0.5 discounts. There is so much money in his what be preparative marriage hand, then this flatlet house that he will live together in all with parents now June mortgages the bank applies for loan, but he just discovers whole procedure is too trival after a month, from application guaranty consumes loan, do all sorts of formalities to the bank to examine and approve, batch borrow, put borrow, also can be the fastest only after next month ability extends come down, to moment not only cannot get privilege, delay wedding day possibly still.

A friend tells Xiaosun him, actually, pass bank examine and verify so like Xiaofeng, be in those who make sure its can apply for to consume loan to guaranty, can entrust hock to undertake assessment all right. Buy a house to debt of hock travel short-term loan first. According to the friend give directions, the house property testimony that he is taking Id and parents comes to the capital a hock goes, hock undertook assessment to the house all right, examined the evidence that he provides takes stuff, after the notarization of the building that finish and mortgage program, he obtained 1 million yuan of fund after 3 days.

Go according to hock of 3.2% should lead computation, xiaofeng should pay a month 32 thousand yuan fee for this, add extremely insurance premium and the notarial cost of 3 millesimals, add up to pay 35800 yuan, but pay inside a week according to landlord requirement fortunately, obtained the 9.5 privilege that lose, below the province 50 thousand yuan, around balance, still the rest of 14200 yuan, also do not calculate be in an unfavorable situation, and won't delay wedding day.

Nevertheless expert of conduct financial transactions reminds, resemble Xiaosun such method is expedient only, because hock travel interest rate is higher, if bank loan approves no less than coming, so the accrual of high specified number of every month can let a person can't bear bearing. So borrower must be on guard the bank after hock is not approved borrow, allusion must ensure to undertake operating again below the premise that can examine and approve loan currently.