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Professional personage reminds: Buy commodity house to be able to return a house
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Personage of major of house property management board reminded recently say, consumer is buying commodity house process in, if encounter quality small issue, can let develop business seasonable solder, but if appear the following 8 kinds of circumstances, the person that buy a house can put forward to return a house.

According to introducing, these 8 kinds of circumstances are: Actual measurement area and absolute value of error of contract agreement area exceed 3% ; Development business exceed the time limit hands in a room to make essential break a promise, namely the date returning a house that exceed the time limit makes a room achieve a contract to agree; Configuration of building of influence of program of development business change, design, door model, of dimensional size, front; Development business opens to booking the building that did not acquire commodity house to open to booking licence (conceal intentionally did not obtain the except that opens to booking licence) ; The tractor dry mass of building principal part that develops business pay unqualified or it is normal that building quality affects a building badly use; Cannot or cannot deal with property right change the name of owner in a register on schedule; Loan of the person that buy a house applies for to was not approved, contract both sides cannot talk things over to payment consistent; When the other condition returning a house that agrees in the contract appears.