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The plan buying a house of young household: Does glad display Wei Xian to wash
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Have on old, have below small, per capita of husband and wife thousands of yuan, did not save money of one-time paid house enoughly, but do not be willing again " gnaw old " , the independent world that wants to have oneself... such young " with filling a group of things with common features " there is a lot of in Changsha. So, how should rely on oneself force to realize housing dream? See the program of division of conduct financial transactions please.

Now leading role

Mr Qiu, 26 years old, officeholder, month all income 5000 yuan; Wife Ms. Zhang, 25 years old, company financial staff, month all income 4000 yuan; 2 average per capita have husband and wife " 3 danger one gold " ; Son 1 year old many, take care of by Mr Qiu parents. 2 people of husband and wife have deposit 150 thousand yuan, among them 80 thousand yuan are time deposit, have stock fund market prise additionally 15 thousand yuan. Domestic month all defray 4000 yuan. Because do not have oneself house, mouth and a 3 parents live Mr Qiu together. He grows division of conduct financial transactions of sanded branch banking to traffic bank (AFP) Li Baozhu expresses, oneself do not think " gnaw old " , want to purchase one ring house as soon as possible while the educational fund that plans a son, how can be ability accomplished?

Finance affairs is diagnosed

Li Baozhu thinks, mr Qiu family is in long-term level at present, this phase terminus becomes independent for children, its characteristic is defray is secured relatively, the burden basically originates the defray that teachs funds and the defray that buy a house, the risk bears capability is higher; The asset in the family basically is centered on deposit and stock fund, should adjust asset configuration, increase the proportion of venture capital; Although its family social security is better, but the safeguard outside still needing to gain with close attention. Can consider to increase a part to be in debt at the same time, with producing the effect of financial lever appropriately.

To buying a house, li Baozhu expresses, changsha house price is relatively stable, but rise the space is limited, and bank interest rate is in higher level. Mr Qiu should reduce loan amount as far as possible, use accumulation fund borrows money, enjoy the relevant policy of the country that buy a house adequately, extend loan fixed number of year as far as possible, in order to stablize the average loan interest rate during loan. Teach capital problem to children, li Baozhu thinks, at present the student's tuition increases income of parents of speed prep above, the expense such as the talent that adds children, take lessons after school is bigger, should accomplish as far as possible in advance program, charge leniently treat, cooperate to be sure to plan, in order to prevent the likelihood that educational funds origin interrupts.

Proposal of conduct financial transactions
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