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How does accumulation fund loan shift to an earlier date reimbursement expert sh
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As housing accumulation fund loan is used by more and more borrower, does accumulation fund borrow money whether still borrow ahead of schedule? Still borrow ahead of schedule how to operate? Wait a problem a moment to make the general care point of borrower.

Old man young lady in January 2006 the portion handled accumulation fund loan, loan amount 500 thousand. Old man income of young lady month 4000 yuan, lunar pay forehead is its accumulation fund 480 yuan, old man aptitude of young lady credence can apply for very much relatively 8 borrow money into 30 years, according to freedom of city pipe accumulation fund reimbursement means is calculated, its month is for reaching total interest specified number: Specified amount of reimbursement of every month lowest 2276 yuan, total reimbursement accrual is 731798.31 yuan.

Now old man the deposit that there are 100 thousand yuan in young lady hand, does she plan to shift to an earlier date partly how doesn't reimbursement know to should be dealt with however?

Major mortgages adviser to point out, of housing accumulation fund shift to an earlier date reimbursement is relatively simple, it is no matter city manages accumulation fund or the country manages accumulation fund is when reimbursement ahead of schedule " free reimbursement " . Specific flow is, borrower deals with the metropolis in defensive position of loan of housing person accumulation fund to the memory of accumulation fund of a piece of housing gets stuck, the bank that passes this calorie to repay every months next borrows money. old man young lady this case, she has a part to shift to an earlier date now the need of reimbursement, so she can shift to an earlier date 3 weekday are in this share amount that its stock place to want to repay before the fixed reimbursement date of every month, store 100 thousand yuan are put beforehand inside card toward accumulation fund namely, undertake operating through phone language system next. After the setting is finished, went to management center of accumulation fund of housing of the fixed date that deduct a money to be able to be deducted automatically old man this part of the young lady shifts to an earlier date reimbursement amount, generate afresh next old man the young lady's new reimbursement amount and new interest facilitate she in the future every months of reimbursement.

Accumulation fund shifts to an earlier date reimbursement is complex in that way without commercial loan, still borrow ahead of schedule partly, borrower passes phone language system to install a part automatically to shift to an earlier date directly reimbursement amount can. One-time all countervail is clear still, borrower needs to be dealt with to management center of housing accumulation fund, this person Id on the belt applies for to make an appointment to management center of housing accumulation fund, accumulation fund management center meets what get stuck according to borrower requirement and accumulation fund memory open an account bank policy is dealt with for borrower one by one, make an appointment commonly time is short criterion a few days in, grow to won't exceed a month.
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