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More than 5 years choice of building change the name of owner in a register hand
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I have a friend, her father has an empty building to let her come all the time, she wants to handle house property card now more renown, how most Where is be to one's profit? Be to press donative still trade the most convenient? What does main charge have?

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The reporter trades from all-round victory real estate the ministry understands, no matter be to press donative still trade, need certain expenses, two kinds of means charge of which kinds of means is inferior, want to see property right origin whether exceed 5 years, see the use of the building even. The residential cent of Guangzhou is average house and blame average house (common weighs a person of extraordinary powers curtilage) , if be average house and the distance trades to had exceeded 5 years last, press trade charge is inferior.

According to introducing, because Guangzhou is secondhand estate market is active, the government uses dodge a tax of donative exploit an advantage to prevent someone, the regulation is consequently donative must notarization is in notarization. Current, donative means is adopted to come in Guangzhou building change the name of owner in a register, need pays building total the agree duty of 3% and the notarization of 2% expend 1.5% ~ . And adopt trading means to come change the name of owner in a register, need agree duty, stamp tax, trade value added tax of duty of title deed for land of gold of sell one's own things of service fee, land, land, individual income tax, business tax, land, property right registers cost, card to illuminate stamp duty, city to build surtax of surtax, education to wait, if be apart from last change the name of owner in a register has exceeded 5 years, the 2% ~ that these tax cost hold building total about 3% .

Such calculation, property right origin has exceeded circumstance of 5 years to fall, average house chooses donative way, 3.5% what duty expends cost to assess the value for the building about, use trading means, cost is about 2% ; A person of extraordinary powers curtilage these two numbers are about respectively 5% with 3% . Take trading kind apparently more be to one's profit.

According to introducing, the house total prices that says here, it is to point to assess the value, by the room tubal bureau sends person specially assigned for a task to undertake assessment the total prices that reach to the building, and rather than clinchs a deal actually the price.

In addition, fry a building to restrain, begin from last year, property right origin is not full 5 years live with the room, surtax of pay business tax and duty of add city construction, education wants when trade, with transferring income sum plan is asked for. When more than 5 years, average house is avoided proof; The effective bill that buy a house can be offerred when be not average house to sell, press appreciation partial plan is asked for, if be avoided without appreciation,ask for. Blame live to press appreciation with the room partial plan is asked for.
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