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Area control is reasonable and high grade small family rule of 6 big iron cannot
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According to the country the requirement of policy of macroscopical adjusting control, under 90 square metre door model the dominant direction that is current house development, be sure on the market henceforth with this kind door model the product is given priority to, because this society essence is carried fine choose small family room, appropriate living small family room to appear very necessary.

Arrangement of small family space is relatively compact, the area of hall is in less than of 20 square metre, the area of the bedroom is in less than of 15 square metre, no matter 1 room, 2 rooms, have a toilet only commonly.

Although every space area is smaller, but can satisfy from the main demand that live.

1. area control is reasonable

Generally speaking, standard of small family interior space is: Advocate bedroom usable floor area is not less than 10 square metre, the sitting room is not less than 12 square metre, toilet is not less than 4 square metre, other space deserves to compare comfortable, do not waste an area.

2. room function is all ready

Have the balcony or wave window, the balcony had better be more than 3 square metre, have storeroom. Good nature is had on the design ventilated with daylighting, time of wintry day illumination is in 3 hours of above.

3. public facilities is convenient

Footpath is capacious and bright, current and smooth. Board type building, one ladder the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 6 design is more reasonable. If be the high-level residence of 20 above, elevator and door the scale of several must reasonable, commute otherwise the time that waits for elevator will be very long.

4. price moderate

The price that says here is with circumjacent building dish compare price. Small family must unit price compare large family model tall? Most circumstance, same a sector of an area, small family unit price always wants a few taller. How much does tower above consider reasonable? Generally speaking, take out is decorated wait for influencing factor, rise should not exceed 20 % .

5. has higher investment latent capacity
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