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Owner violates rental room to be punished ten landlord are rental cut want to ta
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The reporter understands about the branch from area of Shenzhen city Baoan, up to now, this city opens those who gave administration of whole town individual to punish the biggest punish sheet -- Ou Fuyong of this city Baoan is street because Xie Mou of rented house owner rents the building was not dealt with lawfully the building rents a contract to register or put on record, was rented to manage the office to fine 146524 yuan by this region house a few days ago. In July the middle ten days of a month, turn over to the higher authorities of Xie Mou exactly the amount fine, did a building to rent a contract to put on record at filling recently formalities.
One jumps building accident is pulled give a building to violate the case that rent
This year on March 30 morning, a woman from Ou Fuyong street of Shenzhen city Baoan industrial district of white stone a tall building rents workshop building top jumps the building dies. The accident caused this region house to rent the height of management department to take seriously, undertake to this matter the key supervises and direct technically. Subsequently, baoan region house rents administrative office and Fu Yongfang house to rented administrative institute to start responsibility to check a mechanism instantly, owner of rental to the accident workshop and relevant personnel undertake put on record is investigated. Via checking, experience case rented house belongs to Xie Mou all. This ridgepole rents workshop rises from October 1, 2006, rent Huang Mou is used, but did not arrive to the contract of conduction building of the management department that rent that rent registers the building of rented house seat or put on record all the time however formalities.
Rental workshop was not dealt with lawfully register put on record formalities
The management of office of the government of Baoan region house that rent and Fu Yongfang house that rent is executed the law the discovery after personnel is renting to this workshop development is investigated, this ridgepole rents workshop shares 5 buildings, owner thanked some and Huang Mou to sign a building to rent contract book, the agreement will be located at industrial district of a tall building of stone of Fu Yongjie spoken parts in an opera to be in rental workshop to rent Huang Mou is used, agree the time that rent comes to stopped on December 10, 2008 from December 10, 2006. After the building rents behavior happening, owner Xie Mou did not arrive to conduction building of the building management department that rent rents a contract to register or put on record inside legal deadline formalities.
The punishment that owner accepts 146524 yuan
Office of the government of Baoan region house that rent executes the law personnel obtains evidence through investigation, mastered Xie Mou to violate rented relevant evidence, and the legal process that according to administration punishs, give out to Xie Mou lawfully " administrative punishment informs a book " and " administrative punishment hearing of witnesses informs a book " . But inside the time in the regulation, xie Mou did not put forward hearing of witnesses to ask. By this year June, basis of office of the government of Baoan region house that rent " Shenzhen town rented house administers a certain number of regulations " thirtieth 2 (3) regulation, to thanking some to make amerce 146524 yuan administration punishs a decision.
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