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Course of study is main and written entrust intermediary to rent room intermedia
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Owner house is unused entrust property to rent trade property wants to collect advantage fee after the success -- ,
Incident time put
This year June, live in right how near the door because the job is fluctuant,make a gentleman, one flatlet was bought around new unit, original housing is unused rise.
Made a gentleman leave key of one flatlet room to be in property personnel hand, ask them to attend them house, encounter equal opportunity to go to house lease.
Before long, property announcement makes a gentleman, the house already went by his conditional lease, but the building intermediary that asks to make a gentleman hand in 850 yuan to property management company serves cost.
Make a gentleman think, he pays property fee all the time, property company serves the obligation that is them for owner, should not collect intermediary fee again. Property company thinks, bilateral property management did not agree owner of property company accountability help is rental in the contract building.
Both sides contradicts for this generation, make a gentleman come to announce military division request of committee of way people mediation mediates the right street that install the gate.
Judicatory mediation
Judicatory adjuster explains, according to " the city builds residential village to run way " regulation, the management of sanitation of responsible village of property management company, safety and facilities of facilities of form a complete set, provide a service for the user, but do not include to hire building service.
Be in a few villages, because the job is busy,have some of owner, entrust property company to rent for save trouble oneself building. Property company rents for owner the building does not belong to the job of one's duty, and belong to the service of engage by special arrangement that provides for owner, can the advisory service expenses with certain collection.
But, because both sides does not have an agreement to whether give beforehand,pay a service cost and specific amount, should talk things over so solve. Although property collection serves cost, also answer to be expended under the intermediary of collection of place of building intermediary company.
Accordingly, to reduce issue, what property company rents owner had better get before the building in side owner is written entrust, a power of attorney makes clear hire, entrust date, commission (the service is expended) amount.
Intercessory result
The staff member will make gentleman and controller of property management company make an appointment with tone together appoint meeting, will " the city builds residential village to run way " undertook detailed ground explains. Both sides is reached finally reconcile agreement, make a gentleman pay 300 yuan of services fee to property management company.