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80 hind economy path in He Fang you buy circle of 3 gold highway Fang Meng
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■ the investment that buy a house a group of things with common features

Many " 80 hind " look at accurate building city to move, what not long ago of young white-collar Xiaohuang and male friend bought an area to make an appointment with 100 square metre in Gui Cheng is secondhand room, total prices 530 thousand yuan, head pay 280 thousand yuan, the month offers 2600 yuan. "Price of buddhist laurel house goes high continuously, secondhand the room buys next gift two months, rose nearly 70 thousand yuan, how to wear again also shift interest than the room tall. " Xiaohuang is excited unceasingly.

Proposal: 3 big factors judge appreciation potential

Because economic capacity place is restricted, room of the first ring won't be commonly " 80 hind " last house property, answer to consider its to invest value appropriately when buy. The expert thinks to invest house property to should pay close attention to 3 big factors mainly first, namely the building is located of the quality of a sector of an area and house itself and building " hire carry out to compare " . "Of the building ' hire carry out to compare ' the ratio between the lunar hire that points to usable floor area of every square metre and price of house of floor area of every square metre, will hire carry out to be in than control commonly 1: 200 in the meeting is more appropriate, exceed limits to hide likely bigger risk. " Shi Zhengyi of conduct financial transactions of branch of Construction Bank Fosan reminds.

As a result of " 80 hind " big eventful line of business and economic base are relatively fragile, salangane of Shiliang of Fosan branch conduct financial transactions goes to suggest fixed assets invests scale to should not be exorbitant in, still borrow the forehead not to exceed gross income commonly 50% , loan fixed number of year does not exceed 15 years. From the building of Fosan the market that rent looks, the house that general 60~100 square metre controls rents more easily.

Just graduate before long " 80 hind " generation, be faced with do poineering work, get married wait for life important matter. Somebody buys a house, somebody tries this small doing poineering work, more somebody thinks to fry (collect) it is one achieves rich shortcut. How should invest after all?

■ freedom does poineering work a group of things with common features

The attempt does poineering work independently also is not little young " 80 hind " dream. Miss Li that graduates from art school depends on his art special skill namely, in sale adornment while accessary also offer free design for the client.

Proposal: Problem of experience, capital is early solve

"80 hind " young have energy, dare to try newly emerging things, but at the same time, "80 hind " do poineering work to be able to be faced with experience inadequacy, capital to be in short supply as much two big questions, accordingly, how to reduce poineering cost, accumulate poineering experience to be become " 80 hind " do poineering work principal the problem that solve. "Compare popular way now, it is to rely on to work accumulate poineering experience, it is to rely on a network to search business chance. " Xiaobai says young salesperson so.
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