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"6500 yuan of set up shop " it is cover investment business shop wants discretio
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Investment caution

"Inn of tea with milk of 6500 yuan of pearl opening the home " ? -- , spent actually 449!

Is the company in charge of a technology grooming? -- , just promote all sorts of raw material at high price, "Recipe " have no comment!

Join in is chain good make money? -- , flavour prevailing prices is high, opened half an year to be forced to close!

Case: 6500 become 47000

Young lady of king of person of Hunan Chen city works in Guangdong old, scrape up tens of thousands of yuan. Accidental opportunity, a when she discovered on the net headquarters is located in Hunan Changsha " famous " food company, publicize external " dining-room of tea with milk of 6500 yuan of pearl opening the home " . Then Miss Wang thinks, be inferior to answering native place to open a such small store. She goes Changsha headquarters is visited, "Fellow-townsman " people recommend value to the utmost to her a 17000 yuan formula, included a few machinery and a certain number of household utensils inside more than kinds of 30 product. Miss Wang sees the thing is much only, did not want to be signed with the enterprise more join in agreement.

Actually, inn of tea with milk of pearl opening the home needs product of many kinds of 30 equipment not merely, heal film, fruit is bought to wait a moment later, spent Miss Wang to restrict 20 thousand yuan of fund again, add upper berth face to rent decorate charge, miss Wang still borrowed 10 thousand yuan of Qian Caicou to kin neat. Later, she strove for a flourishing and street position in Chen city urban district, manage not ideal however. Main problem is product unit price too tall, and, although passed a technology to groom, but because do not know recipe secret of success, miss Wang does not make the product of standard tea with milk that gives an enterprise to set an example from beginning to end. When Miss Wang requirement enterprise lowers price of raw material stock or allow to be purchased by oneself cheap when material, was rejected by the other side; She asks the enterprise sends a master to visit Chen city guidance again, also by decline with all kinds of excuses. Because the business has disappeared to turn, miss Wang must close after half an year close down.

The reporter is dark visit: Discover 3 big questions

According to the news that this company announces on the net, the reporter found this company to be set in the branch of area of Guangzhou the Milky way. Inside firm stride inn, the reporter is claimed by 3 the selling manager's man is surrounded all round, listen to their babble ground to recommend a project. See beyond again, two 20 years old of female member of the left and right sides that sell are setting an example how to operate machine of pearl tea with milk on the spot to a middleaged man, look intended the person that join in is not little still.

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