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Jew of house price tall look forward to has secondhand room Jew 24 move whole st
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"Ask a price of all over the sky, on the spot returns money " , means says: Bargain wants firm, softhearted be defeated.

Jew is a big science, it fights like the army, make a psychological attack is on. Negotiate to diplomacy greatly, small arrive to buy food daily, want bargain counter-bid one time. Because this masters skill of a few bargain, not only can be him be economical, and still can be content with one's lot.

But the different part that buys a house depends on, buyers and sellers is adept with dilettante the argue between. Because the other side is to sell an ace more, and at best of the person that buy a house is an amateur, often be in adverse position. But although the word is such, we also can need not the power and prestige of only senior other people, should learn more however " the enemy is scorned on the strategy, the enemy takes seriously on tactics. " the Jew that buy a house 24 action the first action: Do not reveal pair of property to have good opinion, let adversary do not know your intent, cannot strive for active.

The 2nd action: Inform the other side to already took a fancy to other property to pay deposit, see adversary whether be willing to give more charming value.

The 3rd action: Inform the other side to already took a fancy to other property to already paid deposit, dan Yixi is joyous this property, whether again can cheap dot already paid the deposit that cannot return with compensation.

The 4th action: Inform the other side to already purchased property, but the ability after wanting to wait for existing property to sell is bought, because this requirement bargainor is in,pay on the method again some more favourable.

The 5th action: Keep looking for the defect of property, the requirement depreciates.

The 6th action: Inform oneself very satisfactory, but family has other idea, if house price petty gain can solve a problem; Perhaps show intense desire to buy to look, force the other side to depreciate case.

The 7th action: Inform preparative lump-sum payment, the price with best requirement.

The 8th action: Taking 5000 yuan, say to want price only appropriate decide to buy immediately.

The 9th action: If talk about no less than going to really, do not prevent carry the leg goes, make a bargainor afraid lose the client that you have intense desire to buy this.

The 10th action: Make with the price of other property quite, demand the other side depreciates again.

Eleventh action: Tell capacity finite can not afford, the requirement is again a bit cheaper.

Dozenth action: Outside informing capital to be in the ground or foreign country, the money that buy a house needs to pay slowly, in order to strive for more favourable terms of payment.

Thirteenth action: Inform property administration fee too expensive, cannot pay, the requirement sends property administration fee.
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