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Grandparent and grandchild litigates to be agreed with oneself is to hire a gues
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The house lives jointly person, make work somewhat certainly of the building preferential buy right? Recently, shanghai is static careful of court of the people that bring a district writtens guarantee one case desk of dispute of building business contract.

Accuser king suddenly (alias) with the accused Feng Laotai fastens grandmother and grandchildren relation, the road has former Shanghai Beijing to be in a building to fasten the public house that husband of Feng old lady rents on the west. Wang Bo is born oneself rise to sign up for registered permanent residence into this building namely. May 1997, this plot includes resettlement range, feng Laotai and son Wang Zheng (alias) with resettlement unit, signed old housing whole set to transform tear open change to find a place for agreement. According to the agreement conventional resettlement unit finds a place for Feng Laotai still is in this plot two office building. Because find a place for building have not complete, feng Laotai and son Wang Zheng transfer by oneself first.

Of the same age by December, feng Laotai and local property company signed old housing whole set to transform sell a contract, buy by Feng Laotai manage property right of 302 rooms house among them. In April 1998, feng Laotai got the estate authority card of this building, property right registers factitious Feng Laotai. July 2005, feng Laotai reachs change of his registered permanent residence this building point again. November 2006, feng Laotai signed building business contract through building intermediary company and Hu Mou, agree Feng Laotai sells this house Hu Mou, building area is 30.58 square metre, the building makes over money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to be a RMB 485 thousand yuan. Of the same age December, hu Mou obtained this department to contend for card of building property right.

August 2008 the first ten days of a month, grandchildren king suddenly sues a court to say, oneself learned in Feburary 2007 this building is sold by grandmother Hu Mou, and did not ask for those who get oneself to agree however beforehand, enroach on oneself legitimate rights and interests. Think this building fastens former address resettlement to share, oneself belong to resettlement to find a place for population, serve as according to relevant policy live together of the person oneself, enjoy preferential buy right, the building business contract that asks a court to sentence your grandmother and Hu Mou is invalid.

On the court, grandmother Feng old lady argue says, grandchildren king suddenly is not resettlement building is collective living person, this building is him one person is all, do not have any relations with grandchildren, and sell the house Hu Mou reasonable and lawful, do not agree with the appeal of grandchildren king suddenly.

The Hu Mou that bought this house likewise also argue says, when buying this house, already examined person of this building property right to fasten Feng Laotai, building census register also is Feng Laotai's one person, and turn impossibly to Feng Laotai there is issue inside the family, whole business house trades the process is legal, nonexistent invalid circumstance.
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