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City of building of whole strategy of hibernate of market of 5 large investment
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People sees, "Most Niu San door " Huangmu arranges shrink of 3 months fortune 400 million yuan, 10 thousand divisions also begin real estate big alligator preparation " winter swimming " . And to average citizen, answer again with what kind of investment concept " hibernate " ? Morning anounces the investment bewilderment of 5 average citizens to be cut, the hope gives a reader a few reference.

The stock market: Change buy bond smooth and steady gain penny

Case: Bridge gentleman buys a share, all along picks a few his most familiar companies only, because this habit ate,have a deficit greatly however this year. From by in after oil ring, he a few 3 filling storehouses, the result jumps over defect deeper. What the eye sees the stock market is boundless when is Xiong Tu does not know an end, the investment of bridge gentleman is immersed in be in a dilemma: Hate to part with cut the flesh, however again also not dare act blindly, is the stock account that lets oneself termless the ground " Morpheus " go down?

Proposal: Actually, negotiable securities account buys a stock to have some of waste really only, when the stock market is stagnant, buy bit of bond through stock account especially company debt is smooth and steady actually the good choice of penny gaining a point.

Because at present market of Chinese company debt just grows, general credence grade is in the enterprise that issues bond permissibly AA class above, the part is top class AAA class even, so credit still has quite assure, appear cannot pay interest even the possibility of capital is very little. And the benefit that assumes additional credit risk, depend on yield climb considerably litre. The simple interest after there is many duty on the market at present is in in the company debt of 7 li above sale, for instance Kang Mei debt (7.73 li) , Ge Zhou debt (7.66 li) , green Pi debt (7.47 li) , investor wants hold only these deadline 5 years of much bond, expire not to appear liquidate risk, so OK and smooth and steady acquire afore-mentioned prep above banks 5 years period deposit is close the extra income of 2 li.

More what is more,the rather that, time deposit must put full corresponding time to just can achieve corresponding earnings, and the accrual that buys bond to be able to drop to obtain price difference to go up ahead of schedule through market money rate, if Kang Mei debt is in,accrual of the two market price in week amounts to past weak point 1.94% , if investor selects usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price now but two weeks inside earn the profit of nearly 2% easily.

Deposit: Product of low risk conduct financial transactions more fight inflation

Case: The Miss Yang absolutely that works in a famous foreign enterprise cannot think of, she expended the fund that scare buying of very great strong gift reachs last year, make her compensate miserable actually, 200 thousand yuan capital nowadays already expurgation is close half. She painful wants to hold to after all originally, but look at the stock market to still drop drop endlessly, her patient worse and worse. "If the stock market after the Olympic Games still does not see improvement, I plan to search high point cast fund. " she depressed now very regret, "Stock market risk is too big, still put a bank to be free from anxiety. " but, cross the CPI amplitude of 6% relatively high, her deposit still cannot cast off the destiny of negative accrual actually.
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