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Swallow outskirt dweller 7 becoming is Peking Man strives to become Dong Xinchen
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Dweller of Heibei swallow outskirt 7 becoming is Peking Man. According to Yan Jiao the developing zone is in charge of appoint can disclose, yan Jiao strives to become " Beijing Dong Xincheng " . Predict 2010, area of swallow suburb region will amount to 50 square kilometer. Often live population 400 thousand, be close to the dimensions of a medium city.

Come 16 years the city that the area grail of emerge in large numbers quickened Yan Jiao changes a course. Place developed nearly 30 buildings at present dish, go up in amount and system capacity of circumjacent area of Beijing of it may be said most. The before last city building that develops into estate by blessing builds an area to amount to 4 million square metre, the day modern city building that the near future just entered town builds an area 1.63 million square metre. These are the typical delegates of grail of 1 million class. Data shows, resident of program of day foreign city is 13200, before last city can provide house place for 30 thousand family more. These buildings dish can realize village equipment to safeguard, management of field of maintenance, security personnel, Bao Jie, fire control, car, execute electronic monitoring, 24 hours patrol, ensure community is safe.

Rise abruptly of grail in the round, of community dweller a large number of live entering, direct aggravate the development that swallow outskirt city changes. Yan Jiao planned in all this year 62 projects, include catchment, heating, power supply, communication, fire control to wait, total investment amounts to 3.463 billion yuan. Community hardware and synchronism of town planning construction spread out, place of outskirt of together with swallow supports the dominant position on some situation, make large quantities of Beijing buy course of study person loving buy a room to settle down here.

Next graphs are in the country room of trade the four seasons is exhibited on the meeting, the Lou Panan with foreign novel, healthy city of swallow outskirt day accused a concept to attract numerous Peking Man. (Hunan appearance gentleman)