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Loan the person that 8 million Beijing buys a house is broken remove for be bein
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Loan of a person that buy a house buys 6 ring house nearly 8 million yuan, will interrupt a month to offer in June this year, the person that China builds bank Beijing to install intelligent subbranch of a bank to will buy a house Mr Guo tells a court. Sunny court announces to accept this proposal yesterday.

House-owner is shown lawsuit of be involved in appears reimbursement of exceed the time limit

An Hui subbranch of a bank is sued say, in April 2006, company of estate of a buy of bank and Mr Guo and Beijing signs contract of individual housing loan, mr Guo borrows 7.98 million yuan from the bank, buy north the road in 3 annulus 6 ring room, head pay scale to all be 30% , reimbursement deadline 15 differ to 20 years, amount of every months of reimbursement 47624 yuan.

Contract agreement, mr Guo ceases by lunar countervail repayment of capital, if borrower individual reachs domestic financial standing to worsen, be involved in or be about to be involved in is great the legal dispute such as lawsuit, the bank thinks likelihood or already was affected or damage rights and interests, authority removes the leasehold relation with borrower. Additional, company of this buy estate is assumed to loan assure responsibility jointly.

After the contract is signed, the bank extends to Mr Guo as scheduled loan, mr Guo early days all can on schedule reimbursement. This year in June, lawsuit of Mr Guo be involved in, begin reimbursement of occurrence exceed the time limit.

For this, the bank tells Mr Guo and buy estate company to the court, the requirement removes loan contract, mr Guo remands loan principal and corresponding accrual, ask buy estate company assumes joint liability.

The judge weighs Shenzhen " break for " caution capital bank

According to judge understanding, mr Guo purchases much place house property in Beijing, borrow money from much home bank, hind because individual asset condition is serious,aggravation stops reimbursement. Sue at present by much home bank.

According to the connection means on indictment, reporter and Mr Guo are contacted, but machine of its hand mechanism, cannot put through from beginning to end. Undertake the judge says, at present the court also did not contact him. Forensic analysis, price of near future house falls reach Shenzhen to appear " break for " phenomenon, make bank of Beijing much home is on guard through judicatory way risk. (Yin Yi of reporter Chen Junjie's reporter farming)