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Shandong elevator use hopeful is asked for into opinion of content canal byelaw
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Dimension is protected unqualified will by revoke qualification

Reporter: Close period of time, if the citizen cares relatively, one of problems are the safety performance of elevator, is qualitative inspect branch strengthening elevator safety to superintend a respect to have without new move?

Chief: "Drop between elevator of 11 years old of girls die " tragic hair person is thoughtful. Classics investigation, center of 3 arrows silver is changing when property, 20 days of use processes are in village elevator to defend the state that the unit has dimension is protected without dimension, formed accident hidden trouble. Now, qualitative inspect branch had considered to build the nonsked assessment system that maintains an unit to dimension, build " blacklist " , if do not undertake by the regulation dimension is protected,dimension keeps an unit, suggest gantry crane of the ministry that send card sells its dimension to defend a qualification.

Reporter: Protect the daily dimension of the unit to dimension, how is ability accomplished more effective supervise?

Chief: Qualitative prison division system was made " 24 hours of safety serve unit of elevator care and maintenance affirmatory book " , will be henceforth between elevator in paste, the date that content includes dimension to protect the name of the unit, dimension to protect personnel full name, dimension to protect the full name of chief, dimension to protect a contract and dimension protect a phone to wait, make elevator user understands dimension can clearly to protect the pertinent information of the unit, so that appear,can seasonable dimension is protected when breakdown, accept a citizen to supervise at the same time.

Not elevator of paste certificate of approval does not allow to move

Reporter: We received a lot of readers to mirror the phone of elevator breakdown recently, be in among them a few build a village more apparent, encounter this kind of situation, how should be the dweller faced?

Chief: Generally speaking, elevator produces an unit to will undertake to building the elevator of the village the free dimension that comes two years is protected, they should send person specially assigned for a task to undertake operating. Should appear decorate carry makings to overweight when waiting for the circumstance with undeserved operation, company of property of our meeting clew, they should bear the responsibility that has government.

Elevator is having be installed strictly and check and accept a program, checked and accept certificate of proof to had been done before dweller occupy goes, paste acceptance label ought to with the synchronism that make a room, the lift that does not have paste certificate of approval does not allow to use.

Property should build elevator safety to manage record
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