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On rubbish of building of provincial capital punish " blacklist " will by expuls
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Provincial capital rectifies □ reporter Chang Xinxi
□ reporter Guan Xuejun
Our newspaper Jinan on August 25 dispatch 25 days, provincial capital builds rubbish 100 days to center punish to be started formally. Come from now on on December 5, jinan city is built appoint, city canal executes the law the branch such as bureau, environmental sanitation bureau executes the law combination, to whole town construction site undertakes centralized punish. The unit that violate compasses, against the wind badly and goes up, will be included " blacklist " give exposure, carriage unit carries rubbish be cancellinged the qualification; Construction unit will be driven out to give Jinan to build the market.

According to introducing, the limits that punish checks in Benciji is whole town town change precinct region immanent build and be about to the of all kinds construction site that start working builds, project that tear open change, qing Dynasty of project of construction of of all kinds major project, road, gardens afforest project, wadi digs project, canal project of punish of body of net construction project, hill and decorate a project to wait.

This the main content of punish is: Building waste disposal examines and approve formalities all ready, deal with whether is field of building rubbish dump fulfilled when building rubbish (dot) execute " two-way label is only " . Dump of the time that whether carriage car presses a regulation, course, speed, place builds rubbish. Construction building site builds rubbish to whether pile up in order, clear seasonable, whether does bare building rubbish take close over step; Whether to appoint person specially assigned for a task to undertake administrative waiting to carrying car.
Responsibility is not fulfilled, management is confused, violate the construction of compasses construction, construction, carriage unit and building site, will inspect a clue to give warning, instruct its deadline to till shutdown is rectified,be rectified and reform, set executive punishment according to concerned law, code. Construct rubbish dump field to was not being fulfilled (dot) , did not sign affirmatory book and pay earnest money, did not fulfil " two-way.

Jinan city still was announced inform against a phone, greeting society is supervised, inform against break the law violate compasses act. Inform against a phone to be: Hot line of municipal and public service 12319, city canal executes the law hot line 16039, environmental sanitation of the appearance of a city 110 hot lines 85940110. Treat building rubbish to go up " blacklist " will by expulsive market