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Townsman of Spanish border land chooses to buy a house in Pu
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Lisbon on August 30 special telegram (reporter Zhu Rui) because Portuguese room value is relative petty gain, quality is good, come nearly two years, the Spaish that lives around Spain and Portuguese border chooses in succession Portuguese buy a house.

Will report on August 30 according to Portuguese media, begin from 2000, a few Spaish begin to live to Portuguese border town. Recently two years, as Spain praedial rise in price, come Portuguese the Spaish that buys room, life is apparent grow in quantity. Besides the price low, it is good that the account that Spaish purchases Portuguese building still has building quality, and the place that the position is apart from them to work is close.
Report, be in only the Portuguese border town of 20 thousand much dweller Aierwashen, at present living move makes an appointment with 200 Spain family. Wanisha Duominggesi and husband are in Spaish of 26 years old Spanish border town Badahuosi works, they already moved Aierwashen to live recently. She says, the house price here is low, work in Badahuosi, live in Aierwashen, "This kind of means left a lot of money to our province " .