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Develop what business markets a building to sell a site " choose school and hous
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Shenyang on September 1 special telegram (Wang Bingkun of reporter Chen Guangming) will be worth autumn to term begins in September, also be the traditional busy season that city of each district building sells. The reporter understands, upgrade ceaselessly to educational demand as people, adjacent and academic school makes the requirement of building of people choose and buy not only, also become those who develop business to market a building to sell a site.
Just was in saddle hill city iron east the citizen plum lady that area collier road takes a fancy to a house says: "Two years ago, I am in division people road bought iron on the west house of a commodity, give travel, life very convenient, it is not quite satisfactory to learning an area. The child goes to school should sit several stations bus, quality of school teacher and student also not very is good, I was afraid of a child to delay! "

For this, ms. Li was not little near key elementary school saunter see a room. "What just look is secondhand room, as long as ask a price of the other side is reasonable, I can be bought. " she says.
According to Shenyang city the boss of intermediary of a house property introduces, in the client that contacts in him, before a lot of people go to school from his child, begin to be all round initial school choose a room, although house position is unreasonable, the price is high, but it is good to should learn an area only go.
Business of a few development knows well greatly also this. When the reporter is visited, discover, to can with " renown school " or " academic area " the building of relevant dish, in developing business to be able to be publicized in advertisement, write on the brushstroke of dense.
Estate of saddle hill city trades central expert expresses, undeniable, educational form a complete set already chose be closely bound up with the buy course of study of people, become measure a building dish the main factor that sexual price compares.
But, public figure of group of a few education also expresses, at present a lot of cities of our country are in those who devote oneself to education of middle and primary school is balanced change, rationalize, future the difference of the respect such as quality of the hardware establishment between each school, education will be narrow with each passing day. Accordingly, the part that in teaching a difference to compete in prospective estate, acts will chase scumble to change.