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Will clinch a deal in August the volume drops to close half an year blossom ever
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City of Shanghai skill building ankyloses in what experienced close half an year later, development business will begin in August eventually large-scale depreciate sales promotion, make the slow-moving situation of partial section bridal chamber alleviates somewhat. But as a result of bridal chamber supply decrease, august clinch a deal since the volume also drops to nearly 6 months new low. Be in nevertheless " Jin Jiuyin 10 " after supply picks up, clinch a deal the quantity is climbed possibly also subsequently litre.

The newest report of research center of bless power estate shows, in August skill commodity house (room of eliminate resettlement form a complete set, similarly hereinafter) supply is one million and six thousand two hundred square metre, annulus comparing decreases 41.8% , supply compared to the same period also decreased 34.4% ; Among them, of skill commodity house add supply newly to be seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred square metre, annulus decreases than supplying 42.3% , also decreased compared to the same period 21.1% ; Clinch a deal the quantity is six hundred and fifty thousand two hundred square metre, annulus comparing glides 10.9% , come for nearly 6 months new low, insufficient the corresponding period clinched a deal last year of the quantity 3 into, visible this year August of building city low fan.
Because supply decreases, the supply and demand of skill commodity house is compared from on of the month 1.75 than 1 drop August 1.14 than 1, come for nearly 4 months new low, after showing the contradiction of the supply exceeds demand of building city will reach highest peak in July, begin to alleviate somewhat. To this, bless power analyst thinks, july serious and slow-moving with the Olympic Games August, make after development business controls supply, arrive in September, accordingly the supply August glides considerably; And those who develop business depreciate sales promotion and new dish low, brought a get warm again after a cold spell that divisional region clinchs a deal, otherwise slow-moving situation is afraid more serious.
Building city will be hit in August folded sales promotion to had become common phenomenon. The source of room of part of static An Yiting of downtown is hit 85 fold, source of room of part of Jun Yuhao front courtyard is hit 95 fold, in far price of source of house of low district of two bays city 18000 yuan from open quotation, drop 15800 current yuan; As new building of area of the annulus in golden ground dish low appears on the market, its are adjacent 10 thousand divisions, big China the price war that waits for famous development business upgrades ceaselessly, and the price war of loose Jiang Jiuting of the suburb also on the verge of breaking out.
Notable nevertheless is, although in August building dish favourable sales promotion is apparent grow in quantity, will be August of skill room clinch a deal on average the price achieved 13600 yuan however / square metre, annulus comparing picks up 6.2% . (Xu carries)
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