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Beijing is built appoint about the personage city weighing a building anticipate
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Yesterday, the reporter is built from Beijing appoint know, the autograph on net of period room house will make an appointment with Beijing August a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 3979, issue defeat once more on the foundation that will glide July, annulus is closer than dropping 20% , will drop last year in August compared to the same period 62.1% . To the anticipation of city of the building after the Olympic Games get warm again after a cold spell, city is built appoint concerned personage thinks, market get warm again after a cold spell needs a course, want to will come true completely September unlikely, period of get warm again after a cold spell predicts to want outspread to October.
"After the Olympic Games, the person that much buys a house
Present state of mind is to await. " Yahaode produces Wang Ying of orgnaization vise general manager male point out. But with what endless head overflows before this wait-and-see and different, the person that buy a house is to awaiting price of the house after the Olympic Games ends to whether drop instantly mostly, "If drop, so this kind wait-and-see will last longer, until accord with memory of the person that buy a house to buy a bottom line mediumly; And if after price of house of Olympic Games times continues to climb,rise, the person buy a house that has rigid demand partly so will move above all " . No matter be which kinds of circumstance, need certain transition period, "This transfers period will last to October " .
In addition, hand in the statistical data of easy website to show according to Beijing estate, will predict to will 37 projects appear on the market September, supply of period room market will be increased; Make an appointment with a circumstance to look from the autograph of last August a week, already relatively before a few weeks some improve. Before this, statistic of data of orgnaization of intermediary of much home estate shows, august Beijing is secondhand below the circumstance that room market continues to measure valence to drop together, the demand of the person that buy a house appears however rebound. The expert anticipates this kind of demand will spread to whole estate market gradually.
But, the personage inside course of study points out, as a result of under circumjacent project all of price close in part two be restricted the room also is driven in enter town now, will new to what will appear on the market in September influence of dish of commodity house generation, because building city will sign approximate number quantity to want to achieve this in September before gold effect is main impossible, get warm again after a cold spell needs to transfer period. And capital the sale chief inspector of two famous and landed enterprises also says frankly yesterday, at present the company had been in lock of sales promotion node surely October, be in " gold 9 " below the case that shows hard, development business can expect " silver-colored 10 " . (neat beautiful jade)
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