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Tang Shan: Severity hits the of all kinds crime of commodity house domain
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Shijiazhuang on September 8 special telegram (reporter Li Jun justice) develop to maintain health of commodity house market, recently, tang Shan city publishs a document, to the case of of all kinds crime of territory of commodity house market, will give severity is hit.

According to introducing, to estate in development, sale, make over illegally, manage access of land of buy in and sell at a profit, illegally, smoke illegally escape capital, undertake contract bilk, make, print broadcasts false ad, produce accident of major project quality to wait for guilty case, procuratorate of Tang Shan city will timely intervene ahead of schedule investigate, collect, fixed, perfect evidence.

To be in process of commodity house development, the staff member of branch of land administration director fraud of derelict, misuse of authority, practise favouritism, make crime, about national office working personnel with etc illegal approval takes up approval of program of land, lawbreaking regulation takes up, collect land, make crime, the judiciary will investigate criminal duty lawfully.

In the of all kinds crime of commodity house domain, people procuratorate investigates and deal with sb gravity national staff member embezzles bribery case. Wait for national staff member and staff member of other concerned country to exploit the advantage of officially to branch of Wu of industrial and commercial branch, land branch, construction branch, house property branch, duty, in the process such as commodity house development, sale, ask for other property, receive other property illegally perhaps, for other seek interest, make crime, also will investigate criminal duty lawfully.