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Capital estate borrow money market to will trade in August measure annulus compa
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Yesterday (on September 7) , the reporter borrows money from capital major orgnaization " Wei Jia Anjie " newest data statistic learns, august estate borrow money market whole to trade the quantity continues to glide, annulus comparing drops 13% the left and right sides.

Investigate its reason, "Wei Jia Anjie " major mortgages adviser to express, the effect that environment of market of financial policy, estate suffers to wait before the Olympic Games, borrower produces wait-and-see mood, as the Olympic Games undertake and traffic is restricted to go during Beijing Olympic Games of measure carry out, the part moves reach decorate a company to suspend professional work, the wait-and-see mood of this part person continues to expand, loan of the person that buy a house buys the apiration of the room to drop point-blank. Bring about finally August estate borrow money market to trade the volume drops point-blank.

From August estate borrow money market loan to clinch a deal in light of the area, still with 90 square metre the following building occupies dominant, will drop somewhat July compared to the same period nevertheless, fall 15% the left and right sides. Borrower loan buys a house more careful, the element such as state of income of program of economy of meeting general individual, individual, workplace considers more people come in.

Although integral market environment is not perfect August, but " Wei Jia Anjie " loan adviser discloses, enter after September, the person buy a house that advisory loan comes to before increases apparently, as incomplete the end of abstruse meeting and traffic are restricted to go of measure come to an end, the rigid demand hopeful of the accumulative total before this begins to be released gradually in the end of this month. (origin: Beijing business signs up for Qi Lin)