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Beijing villa goes against city to get go up 5 large villatic areas year all ris
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Pass 9 many months " the quantity shrinks valence sluggish " later, the high-end house price of Beijing is at the beginning of August give now to drop. However, villatic market was shown however fight breathtakingly drop quality, the part is excellent the project appeared even the price fills considerably go up, monovalent and highest year go up amount to 90% , area is the most rising amount to 46% .
5 large villatic areas year all rise 32.9%
At present villatic project basically focuses Beijing model in the west hill, in the center of, wet Bai He, Chang Ping, abstruse north 5 large villatic areas. According to 21 centuries the praedial data that monitor shows, in August 5 large villatic areas all price rises compared to the same period 32.9% , go up among them highest is area of Chang Ping villa, amount to 37.04% ; Go up the area of west hill villa of a lowest, also achieve 13.87% . This and common and secondhand the sluggish of house price goes up even photograph of fall after a rise is compared apparent and a lot of luckier.
The project that prosperous makes the same score villatic area basically centers two in small Shang Shan and Sha He board piece, drive with the 8 high-speed that amount to mountain in the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, here formed one of divisions of old brand villa gradually, but wait for characteristic of each individual event as a result of establishment of its transportation situation, form a complete set, natural landscape not enemy other and villatic area, because this prosperous averages the inchoate price of villatic area project,under other villa the similar terms of the area looks the price.
It is together for example 2006 of open quotation alone villatic project, the rosary open quotation that prosperous makes the same score villatic area all valence is 8400 yuan / square metre, more villatic than abstruse north Ou Dahua's manorial 12000 yuan / the open quotation price of square metre is low 30% . This comes to what prosperous averages villatic area value rise considerably for nearly one year obligate space. Meanwhile, the day of municipal traffic is amounted to inereasingly, and of the landscape such as reservoir of park of forest of boa hill country, the Ming Tombs, 8 Da Ling Great Walls perfect ceaselessly, also be what prosperous averages villatic area value to rise provided power, formed this villa division thereby get go up situation.
Area of west hill villa depends on its beautiful nature, humanitarian landscape, and convenient traffic all the time since get the favour of consumer of of all kinds high end, because of price of this this area villa all the time taller, squashed on certain level the project rises in price space. But strengthen as what the country protects to gardens, and make stop in the round to what villa of sell one's own things uses the land, project of villa of west hill area can decrease apparently, what this has villatic project for this area is farther appreciate created a vacuum.
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