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Development business turns over the paradox of price of dish of traditional busy
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Depreciate, fear the public opinion pressure of early days owner, more be afraid of bring farther wait-and-see atmosphere. Do not fall, the sale index of annual is about to come to nothing, the capital pressure of the end of the year followings sb's heels and come. Fall, still do not fall?
On September 3 in the evening at 8 o'clock, huang Xi still is attending a meeting. Since enter in September, the sale conference of the company is much all the more rise.
"This year ' Jin Jiuyin 10 ' with in former years big different. " Huang Xi says. vise general manager of company of development of estate of beautiful to this Beijing all ages city, the 90 month of in former years are busy season of a sale merely, and the final sprint that means project sale this year, "Hopeful result is to let the sales figures 2008 a little a few more good-looking " .
Regard Beijing as existent the last grail, all ages spends a city to develop construction since 2004, come 4 years as Beijing building city that " beautiful " up the curve grows step by step. Nowadays, it also the building with all capitals dish same, in when the curve stops suddenly, this is facing the biggest test up.
Fall, still do not fall?
Time of open quotation of new first phase of beautiful city of all ages of Huang Xi general was in surely by September -- this is this project this year the 2nd open quotation.
Last time open quotation is in April, all ages spent a city to roll out 277 flatlet source. "There are a lot of favourable activities at that time, be like 9.9 fold, the property cost that recommends a friend to buy a room to be able to be avoided each 1 year. " Chen Hui of owner of all ages beautiful city (alias) say. Occupy the data of net of Beijing estate buying operation however, source of this batch of rooms clinchs a deal finally only 50, book 2.
In fact, building sale is encountered first half of the year cold, all ages spends a city to be not a case. According to statistic, beijing residence trades first half of the year this year the quantity is compared second half of the year dropped last year 51.8% , the building of nearly 80% dish the sale task that fails to finish the beginning of the year to make.
"Sale of before 3 quarters is gloomy, add loan of the end of the year to expire, the capital pressure such as project money settle accounts, 90 month are to develop business to break up dish last chance. " Beijing couplet amounts to Yang Shaofeng of general manager of company of broker of all directions estate to say.

However, the price becomes the issue that be in a dilemma however.
As total floor area amounts to the grail of 2 million square metre, all ages spends a city to will 11 thousand families are entered, already 8000 are finished nowadays trade. "Be willing to see oneself asset shrink without. " Chen Hui says.
"The price before us compares circumjacent building all the time dish slightly low. Nowadays a few new dish begin to depreciate, our price rises relatively high. Fall that now, still do not fall? " Huang Xi has quite some embarrassed.
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