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Mountain View low-rent housing Daye human design high-standard construction
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Clean the kitchen, freshly painted walls, a full range of hydropower equipment ... ... After a simple decoration, the tenant can stay. In recent days, will be delivered in December of Daye City of Mountain oil storage cost housing, because people Of the design attracted a lot of hardship view room. The current "low-rent housing management approach" provides low-rent housing should be controlled in the dwelling area of 50 square meters. People can not help but worry that such a small space to live under a large family, people? Yesterday, in Daye City that Mountain View will be completed in the oil storage area low-rent housing project, the reporters saw the 50 square meters of the limited space is cleverly designed to Bedroom, size distribution is very reasonable and can meet the housing needs of a family of three. In the air Room layout, emphasizing the human design, to meet the needs of residents as the starting point for layout, functional and detail design. Daye only by the development of a state-owned enterprises - Daye City real estate companies to build. It is understood that the project is 2010, ten practical Daye city, one of the central investment 3.36 million, and the remaining matching funds from local, to build four 252 sets an area of 13,000 square meters. "In the past relatively small area of low-rent housing, Bedroom is better design, but taking into account the child to change the Bedroom." Daye City real estate company official told reporters, Mountain View low-rent housing reflects the oil storage Out of the user-friendly design and construction. "It was a low-rent housing, but not lower construction standards." Daye City Secretary Chen Chuanjiang Real Estate, said: "for the urban low-income families to create a safe and convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly housing environment is our duty. " Daye City of Mountain oil storage cost housing construction in the whole project has been attached great importance to the city government, also received strong support from the relevant departments. Quality in engineering, project quality supervision departments Daye assigned a qualitative Supervisor in the amount of construction projects to ensure project quality. Appoint a Project Management Company hired a director and resident site staff supervision, project quality supervision, security and progress. Daye City real estate company also appointed two technical Personnel tracking construction, so that the project quality, safety and progress are effectively protected. Hubei Provincial Construction Department, Provincial Audit Commission, Commission for Discipline Inspection levels, Daye, Huangshi City, and several other departments to check the construction site and agreed that the project location and convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, good quality construction. The project in Daye municipal council in the popular style of the public alike.