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From low-cost housing is not idle "clean living"
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November 17, the Audit Commission issued a 19 provinces and cities from 2007 to 2009 audit of government investment in affordable housing survey. As low-cost housing facilities inadequate, address, remote, inaccessible, etc., Nanjing and other places in 13 cities, there is low-rent housing with rent problems, housing problems idle, and some places even have to stay home check out the situation . ("People's Daily," Nov. 18) Low-rent housing in our country had to seriously lagged behind the number of vulnerable groups of hundreds of millions of dollars in low-rent housing waiting anxiously. What is amazing is that even low-cost housing is also extremely limited not been fully utilized, there idle for a number of cities nationwide phenomenon, and some places even stay at the users check out the strange landscape. As for these vulnerable groups, why give up protection of government good intentions to provide housing, just as, as reported earlier, the remote location of the low-rent housing, the poor can not afford the increased cost of living, only have chosen to vote with their feet. Some local governments in the construction, the location was chosen in remote and inaccessible places, on the one hand the government to pursue their own interests mischief. When the land as a local government fiscal reality of the second fiscal context, the Government if the security room built in the city center, it is bound to lose a significant amount of land revenue, built in the suburbs, the Government has undertaken not only on the surface should be obligation to do, while still allowing large land transfer, stuffed into their own pockets. On the other hand the Government is to provide protection to the needy households are the guiding ideology of housing bias, they do not believe that a Home Ownership, is the bounden duty of the Government and obligations, there is the subconscious of a charity and gifts to the poor. In contrast abroad, many countries in the world in a low-cost housing construction site on the life of the poor are taken into account the cost and employment opportunities and wealth against many other factors, because of this, in the United States, the construction of about 130 million of public housing (low-rent housing), according to 1991 data, 74% of public housing built in the city center. In Japan, its low cost housing "get together" built in large cities, mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, the three major cities (accounting for all low-rent housing in Japan more than 50%). And, these low-cost housing are built in from the city center close to the lot. Of course, individual countries build low-rent housing, to focus only on "low cost", to the neglect of "clean living", not only caused a large number of idle phenomenon, but also led to intense social conflict. For example, serious riots in France in 2005, and its root cause is low-rent location of a problem area, have rushed to the outskirts of the poor, forming a rich black and white areas and low-cost areas, the low-rent district, fewer employment opportunities, the high cost of living, law and order environment is poor, and ultimately lead to a conflict that shocked the world. After the end of riots, the French government to change public policy in a timely manner, the introduction of a "mixed between rich and poor" as the core of the "urban renewal plan." In the low-rent housing on the site, no longer blindly election in the city suburbs. Fortunately, low-rent housing to be "clean living", which has been rising for the social and public issues. Last year's "two sessions", the Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC members and other discipline can light a proposal to "low-rent housing planning and construction should give priority to the old town site." Motion that the planning and construction from the current housing situation, low-rent housing planning and site selection is open to question: If too far away from the old city, the low-rent housing built in the city highway near the more remote areas, of course, people in financial difficulties can be reduced rent, improve their living conditions, but also has increased their cost of living in other areas. It is noteworthy that, despite the strong appeal on behalf of members, as well as low-rent housing because they do not "clean living", the reality of the dilemma encountered, but, so far, low-rent housing focus on "low cost" contempt "clean living" quirks have not attracted the attention of domestic and attention at all levels of government. Facts have proved that low-cost housing built in what may seem like a simple location choice, in fact, it is a test of the wisdom of the government, related to the stability of society, affecting social harmony, local authorities must not sit idly by.