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Rongcheng Weihai a village who are not allowed to rent to foreigners who advise
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Recently, Tiger Town, Rongcheng City, who lives in the village of Ms Dong Shi plow made unhappy. A few years ago, Ms the house from the original village to move to another, the house wanted to rent out the original idle to support their family, and, behold, the village committee is the village accounts who do not agree to dispose of non-house, that house has been idle. Counsel, the village of this "Earth provides that" violation of the rights of Ms Dong. 1987 Miss Dong Wang marriage with her husband, who settled in town, Rongcheng City, squatting before the village. 2001, the accidental death of her husband Wang. In 2004, Ms Fu came to town with his son Stone plow the village, then to the husband who leaves the house leased to others. Ms Dong village initially requested to pay 5,000 yuan deposit, Ms do not want to pay a security deposit, is still outside the house leased to the village. Upon seeing the village, they put Miss Dong rental housing without water power, leading to Miss Dong's house can not be leased. Subsequently, Ms coordination with the village committee many times, but the village has no right to dispose of the house that Ms Dong, and the village can not be provided to non-village population of house rental. Land use permit Mr. Wang's user name is the name of her husband, Ms do not understand how they have tried, this the house of their own, why can not freely dispose of their own. Subsequently, the reporters and people squatting before the village head of town Xing Shufang made contact. He said, "As long as migrants rent an apartment, do not let all the rent, which is the village's rules, not break the rules." And that, as long as the rental population of the village, the village committee shall not interfere. As long as the other non-rental village population, "Yi Gai was not negotiable." Good Thai industry, according to British law firm Li Yunping lawyers, the village committee was such an act is copyright infringement. Miss Dong and their children have the right to inherit housing, village committees have no right to interfere Ms Dong disposal of housing, if the village insisted on the right to interfere in the housing disposed Ms Dong, Ms village court can assert their rights to exercise.