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Pyeongchang innovative mechanisms for low-cost housing construction
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This year, Pingchang innovation initiatives, do a good job cost housing construction. Establishment of multi-dimensional regulatory mechanism. Agent bidding system to implement the project, the successful tenderer of the original permit seal pressure permits the construction, the project owner to develop monitoring and strict implementation of assessment methods, to perform their duties in place, poor quality of construction enterprises to adopt made quickly by, interviews with corporate representatives and increase economic penalties and other measures to increase effective management of the construction team. Project funds and special accounts to implement account management accounting, disbursement of funds to implement "a single six-sign" system (that is, apply the construction team and supervision units audited, the owners audit, finance investment appraisal, project supervision and review, government leaders Shenqian), by the Financial direct payments to construction companies account. Establish Shiwupeizu mechanism. Rent with the development of science programs, strict eligibility and dynamic management, the application object "tripartite" (estuary town, community committees, the Housing Authority) joint investigation, discipline inspection, the notary department supervise the entire process to ensure that the sun operation. Establishment of housing security mechanism. The county government do everything possible to ensure that the funds supporting the construction of low-rent housing; seriously implement the affordable housing built with the system, from 2009 onwards, all new commercial development projects planned, all at 5% with a planned area of affordable housing built by the Government to determine the sales prices and sales programs, did not complete the task with the project construction shall not be acceptance; encourages units and individuals involved in the construction of public rental, enterprises will idle plants, renovation of office space and reasonable rent for the public; lack of availability of mission objectives, the Government adopted lease to be protected; increased efforts to attract foreign investment, the introduction of enterprises in urban shantytowns.