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Look for intermediary to hire a room to want to notice to just can avoid to prod
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Rent a house through house property intermediary, buy a house and be decieved fooled example, go up in media in recent years common occurance, investigate its reason, because partial small intermediary is gainful,basically be, the accident that causes enroach on client happens from time to tome. Consumer of proposal of landed and professional personage notices to had been done the following 3 paces, with avoid the happening of this kind of risk.

Above all, treat two disease, fine differentiate is true with the holiday. Alleged two card, the intelligence letter that shows company of house property intermediary wants to nucleus of room ground branch is sent already namely, want to have the business certificate that nucleus of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry sends again. If have business certificate only, without intelligence letter, it is advisory orgnaization commonly, can do building policy, information to wait seek advice, cannot do a building to rent, the intermediary business such as buying and selling; If have intelligence letter only, without business certificate, belong to manage illegally. Two card are only all ready, just be lawful estate broker orgnaization. So, when you prepare to look for intermediary company to rent a house, must see its whether have two card first. Be worth what carry is, when treating two disease, even fine differentiate is true with the holiday, do good-looking original, do not see Xerox, and register date to be written down, because have some of illegal intermediary orgnaization,use Xerox practise fraud. If you and the intermediary orgnaization with two all ready card produce issue, rights and interests gets when enroach on, can protect to disappear appoint or room ground branch is complained, conversely, once produce issue, give nobody accept.

Next, autograph contract, want fine not thick. When signing the contract that rent a house, consumer must make clear consultative content do fine. As bear hire square, the house property intermediary that trusts in him make choice of commonly

Finally, pitch on uprights, appropriate shoulds not be small greatly. Here big with small, those who point to is the dimensions of intermediary company. Generally speaking, dimensions compares big intermediary orgnaization, its professional amount much, level is high, information is resourceful, intermediary behavior is more normative also. Scope is little often actual strength is weaker, information content and iformation flow connect limits to get confine, a few small intermediary to solicit a client, blow repeatedly bring Kan, talk irresponsible, pit unconscious abduct is no wonder also.