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Hire the woman inside the room to lose jade bracelet child a fault on the right
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"I was experienced truly ' Weng Sai breaks a horse, yan knows to be not blessing ' true meaning! " yesterday (10) day, road of north of Chengdu careless hall the musical instrument of ox of the person that rent a house of courtyard of a dweller, when the public toilet of small courtyard bathes, the bracelet of jade of the keepsake that decide affection that sends the boy friend not carefully child missing. In after this two hours seek time in, how cannot she also think of, evildoing can become meddlesome, not only jade bracelet child break and regain, and she and the neighborhood situation with chill neighbour also begin melt...

  Urgent she loses the keepsake that decide affection

Yesterday morning 11 when 30 minutes, in Niu Qin hire housing, the reporter saw she just searched before long jade bracelet child, that is a value 800 multivariate emerald jade bracelet child. The ox says, this jade bracelet child it is the money that boy friend small Zhu Yong works, buy her birthday present before New Year partly, also be the keepsake deciding affection of two people. Yesterday morning 9 when, she hires room person in building top after public bathroom bathes, forgot to take away the jade bracelet that is put in the corner child. After half hours, when she buys dish to come home, bracelet of ability discovery jade child did not go up in the hand. She runs common the bathroom looks, early did not have sign. Think of although it is not expensive, but the significance is special, niu Qin cried urgently temporarily.

  Doubt neighbour had an insatiable desire for petty gain

"Be who had an insatiable desire for petty gain to take away my thing? " after crying, when Niu Qin guesses the likelihood is neighbour is using public shower room, the jade bracelet that discovered her inadvertently child, hid it next think glom on to.

The 7 buildings altogether that hires in her has 4 neighbour. What although got along with them,have nearly one year is long, but say a word inaccessibly almost at ordinary times, neighborhood relation is very chill. This meet pressing job, niu Qin is forced toughen one's scalp-brace oneself an inquiry of a ground: "The jade bracelet that sees me child? "The jade bracelet that sees me child??

She thinks she asks such thing, affirmative meeting encounters supercilious look or ignore. But did not think of, spirit of neighbour girl king is in when be being asked about, not impatient. She says she did not collect jade bracelet child, but can help her search. Another neighbour is to run from opposite directions the husband and wife of eating house, two people say to did not see at the same time, comfort her at the same time, if be not believed,still say her, can enter room " search " .

   Happy she sought neighborhood condition

"You which so careless, doesn't so precious thing close good? " 11 when, just when Zun Lin is right,musical instrument of the ox that abandon a side is searched when turning urgently all round if really, the mother-in-law looks for landlord Guo Hai Yingtai go upstairs came, what take in her hand is the jade bracelet that Niu Qin is missing child, this lets their each be overjoyed. Guo mother-in-law says, when she cleans sanitation to public bathroom, discovered jade bracelet inadvertently child. This wanting that seek owner of lost property immediately, but Sun Er of 5 years old should pester her to go to a supermarket buying pencil to practice calligraphy, she is done not have temporarily busy come over, deferred remand time.
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