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Are two rooms rental how to change chummage the room through investing dish of w
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Be in Shenzhen, many citizens are happy to buy a few houses to rent, exchange steady gains. However, sit is collecting rent true be to one's profit? How to carry rent invest dish of work, achieve the goal of conduct financial transactions that changes a room to transfer?
Do 1 two flatlet accept case hire how to transfer change a room?
Miss Liu: This year 32 years old, bank employee, husband is governmental official, a child goes up now nursery school. Two people yearly salary is made an appointment with 20 to 220 thousand. Husband and wife all has social security, buy commercial endowment insurance, when 60 years old but one-time take out everybody 200 thousand cash. The child is bought have insurance of share out bonus business, one year insurance cost makes an appointment with the family 12000 yuan. There are 3 flatlets to produce in the home at present, one is located in new and high south (live oneself) , additionally two are located in south first (rental) . Every months of house property offers a fund 5500 yuan, house property closes hire 4000 yuan. Have deposit of 150 thousand cash, now and then buy a share. Did 500 yuan fund every months to be cast surely. Do not have in addition buy products of any conduct financial transactions. Expense of every months of domesticity makes an appointment with 8000 yuan.
Target of conduct financial transactions
◎ near future wants to trade a 200 thousand right-and-left vehicle, present car can sell 80 thousand yuan the left and right sides.
◎ wants to be changed to parents additionally set new and high south the housing around. Parents has housing oneself, 100 square metre, sell probably can 80 come 900 thousand cash, but new and high south uptown house about 20 thousand yuan / square metre, parents wants to buy the house of above of at least 80 square metre.
Proposal of conduct financial transactions
A. Family year income 20-22 10 thousand, year defray (include month of domestic expenditure, building to offer the pay after deducting chummage income, cast defray, insurance cost defray to wait surely) it is about 132 thousand, year balance 8-10 10 thousand. Add existing 150 thousand cash and old car to sell the income that give, can achieve transferring goal easily.
B. Change new and high the house south, total prices needs about 1.6 million the left and right sides, current house sells must make an appointment with only 800 thousand, must apply for loan to the bank 800 thousand, namely 5 become loan amount. Can consider to will show some renting that the room sells to raise money leave fund. Continue to rent collect rent and borrow money to bank application, still be finance selling a house does not apply for loan to the bank, the key is to view index of hire return rate. If south the capital of rental room investment of the head is inferior, annual the hire income of 48 thousand and the return rate that investment capital compares exceed 7% , should continue to rent. If hire return rate under 7% , or even under 5% , should sell rental house.
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