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How does harmony act good landlord and good lodger part below the environment gr
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Lodger VS landlord
Good lodger is poor lodger
The reporter made investigation of a miniature, discovery is in landlord memory, the judge standard of the stand or fall that rent a settle or live in a strange place is ordinal be: Pay rent on time, retreat cost is not owed when hiring, cherish house, exquisite sanitation, attention social morality.
It is hire above all whether on time collection. Mr Wang that becomes a boss in a private enterprise carries this matter to spit bitter water greatly, so he often is absent as a result of working reason Xiamen, hired a guest to get this chance, "I cover a house to rent then in Song Bai village already had 8 years, the whole thing hire a guest not to issue 30, what hit hire into my Carrie can be in by the agreement at the beginning of every quarter have 20% only, want dun of my call at sb's house for the most part, sometimes my person is absent Xiamen, rent a settle or live in a strange place also readily take the opportunity to pretends to forget! "
Some rent a settle or live in a strange place at every turn leave without say goodbye, the cash pledge of obligate is insufficient, landlord is forced " brush the buttock " , telephone bill of owed water charge of electricity, phone, gas cost one by one capture is clear, such hiring the guest also lets landlord have " had a deficit " feeling. Have more mean rent a settle or live in a strange place, before taking away, walk off with even, or hereat meaning destroys furniture, landlord of course also very accurate.
Return some to hire a guest to like to return late, and affect carelessly, at this moment downstair owner hard to avoid looks for landlord to bring a lawsuit against, landlord is touched on this kind of problem also very have a headache, can call at sb's house of toughen one's scalp-brace oneself undertakes intercessory.
Good landlord is poor landlord
The reporter discovers in investigation, be opposite than landlord the standard of a lot of judge that rents a settle or live in a strange place, hire a guest to do not have too much requirement to landlord stand or fall, the hope is seasonable and reparative house electric equipment, do not go up easily hire this 2 o'clock is the view that centers quite.
Net name " 007 " hire a guest to say: "I am firm occupy house does not have a few days, sewer was blocked up, won't be my reason apparently, call call landlord to repair, his come to an agreement or understanding well, lay between a week not to come over however, I am forced later oneself think way. "
Miss Lin that just finds a room in He Xiangxi road is feeling more irritated, so her lease arrived, bilateral last year ever come to an agreement or understanding the 2nd year of rental is fixed. Who ever expected this year of Lai Hexiang the hire of the road goes up greatly on the west, landlord comes to ask to 200 yuan will be moved on hire for many times, miss Lin does not agree, landlord menace says to want end an agreement, still take a person to see a room almost everyday, obvious should force she, "The avaricious, landlord that does not keep promise is very abominable! " Miss Lin is carried enrage with respect to skinful.
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