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"The king of hire " fall into enemy hands return rate is low calculate with hiri
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This year, when partner each is enraged in deep sorrow; So Where is landlord?

Property of the couplet that occupy the United States is advisory (Shanghai) the statistic of department of limited company research, the renting market of the first ten days of a month will last in July active,

Many rigid demand client is in manage money wait-and-see, bring about to the hope of house price callback its and on the home is on the price refuse to budge, slow down clinch a deal speed, one part person continues oneself life that rent a house.

Produce in Central Plains ground nevertheless newest released report data shows, clinch a deal at present in the client, buy a room to be used at investment proportional occupy only 6% the left and right sides, achieve several years to come lowermost level, investment objective slowly city of disappeared Shanghai building.

"Return rate conversation law " : All corners of the country of fall real estate

Alleged " return rate conversation law " it is to show the person that fry a room has two kinds to gain profit commonly means: One kind is short line operation, buy quickly sell quickly, rely on pass on to get price difference profit; Additionally one kind is long term rental, rely on hire to raise a house.

Apparent, the Shanghai building city nowadays has been been immersed in " valence does not have city " awkward condition, the market is greeted " remnant person for king " building city Chibi.

Pu Xi Home Xu collects couplet of area, Pudong to silver coin board piece, green jade cloud board piece the representative sample area that is Shanghai building city. There are two phenomena here: It is at present the room source of business market hangs out his shingle the quantity increases continually, buy apiration to bring about partial owner resale not by force to hire; Another phenomenon is to be in city of building of hand of just a little to contact tight situation, skill house is new the sluggish of dish of price goes up secondhand house price brings very great pressure, price of house of hand of just a little " hang " the circumstance often is performed, the owner of many property abandons hold arrogant attitude, bargain space becomes loose further.

"Here has a pretty good house, will you look? " " recommend the village with one pretty good the next to you, should see house telephone call inform me " . Nevertheless, the pedestrian of associate with appears not feel grateful.

Today " raise in order to hire borrow " economical still?

Normally for, with hire price measures an area house property to run a state than coming on international, namely the ratio between the lunar hire of price of house of floor area of every square metre and usable floor area of every square metre, limit commonly for 200-300. If hire carry out comparing to achieve 200-300, convert becomes fund yield for, it is 4%-6% about, namely 15 years - cost of disinvestment of 25 years of ability. This is static calculation method, the element that meantime get rid of rises in price besides asset.
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