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[Beg hire] house of region of Guangzhou fragrant village
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City: Guangzhou area county: Business of fragrant village division encircles: Fragrant village area
Hope area: Fragrant village area
Room: One room one hall 0 defend property type: Average house faces towards: South
Floor area: Floor: 2-4 hire: 500
Period of validity: 15 decorate level: General
Infrastructure: Water, report, gas / natural gas, cable television
Equipment circumstance: Hot water shower implement furniture of air conditioning color television
Just when the profession has,him remarks is engaged in securing income to be badly in need of leasing the building that approachs subway station in Fosan job!
Contact information
Number of intermediary enterprise interior: 16792 news source: Individual
Contact: Miss Yang

Connect a telephone call: Phone: -Extension date: Mobile phone: 15918030355
Email: Yangliu_1021@163.com