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[Rental] Jin Kun garden
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Area: Business of division of the Milky way encircles: Acquired Heibei
Property address: Road of cultivate of another name for Guangdong Province of area of the Milky way (north of close the Milky way and Yan Tang) type of building of Jin Kun garden: Residence of small high level
Hire house price: 900 yuan / lunar property name: Source of news of garden of Lu Jinkun of cultivate of another name for Guangdong Province: Individual
The room that rent a house: 1 room 0 hall 1 defend 1 hutch head: Southeast floor: In all 9, the 8th
Floor area: Usable floor area: ---Decorate a circumstance: New clothes is repaired
Infrastructure: Water, report, gas / natural gas, broadband room age: -----
The furniture inside rental room: Shower of hot water of air conditioning of phone color television implement furniture
Time leases since: A month enters time: Whether to see a room at any time: Yes