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18 years old of girls love outside school privately early to hire a room to be c
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The station is at the door familiar school, zhou Xia of 18 years old (alias) ground of fix eyes on is staring at the classmate that plays on the playground, reveal in the eye envy and do not abandon- - because be loved early, she what read a semester only in this school, was compelled to leave school by parents before New Year partly. Place favour is passed yesterday communicate, parents already decided to invite her return school.

Love exposure early she is compelled to leave school by parents

Short short stature, wear a brunet sportswear, the hair is a little messy, the Zhou Xia that appears before the reporter appears expression exhaustion. She 18 years old comes from Zhejiang along with parents this year plain, already was in stayed newly two years.

Before discontinue one's studying, she reads Yu Xindou some middle school is high one. Nowadays, she leaves school yard already half an year is superabundant.

Mention the account of discontinue one's studying, zhou Xia's face slightly red, "Because be loved early... " say according to her, at the beginning of her 3 it is to be in new on another middle school, because parents answers a town to open store in the day, be apart from the school too far, she is forced to choose in residence. But because of disposition reason, her summation roommates talk not approach, often be troubled by contradiction. Enter gold then on the middle school tall one hind, she is carrying parents on the back, with a few the classmate of high grade closes in outside school leased a building, mentioned love with a schoolboy. Because the cousin also reads in this school, her thing is passed very quickly in parental ear.

"They think I am not obedient, rent a house in outside school privately not only, still mentioned love. " Zhou Xia says, for these, tall after one last term ends, parents did not let her read stoutly.

For collect tuition she works everywhere earn tuition

"Since do not support me to study, I go out to work with respect to oneself earn money. " Zhou Xia begins to be in apply for a job newly everywhere. It is to be in brand shop of a dress to become an assistant first, work to chaffy dish inn again after. This year in September, she enters plant of a dress again. The go through the mill of half an year, let Zhou Xia understand the importance that read more. After getting brushstroke pay, she did Zhang Yinhang to get stuck, of one mind puts money: "Save money became enough tuitional, I can continue to read. " she already was put nowadays 400 multivariate, "Enough the tuition of one semester " . Then to oneself Duan Zao is loved, she is clear also really disappoint parents.

But, the relation of she and parents is done more however jump over deadlocked- - " speak of to them every time read, they disapprobation. " during working, she has come home one day hardly, it is classmate of stay overnight at sb else's place and friend home completely.
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