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The conduct financial transactions that buy a house has 6 flatlet via one situat
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As the woman of a Shanghai, she should be proud, but serve as can the woman of own conduct financial transactions, she more should proud. Sound economy, your dream that buy a house is an illusion only no longer.

I bought life bed today 6 houses, just went in the morning property right bourse undertook trading.

This is a value the public house of 520 thousand, because approach an officer (Pudong core) , promote elementary school this year for the son, I saw half an year, eventually pitch on the two rooms of this nearly 70 square metre. I ability head paid 160 thousand the left and right sides, those who remain is OK borrow money with accumulation fund 300 thousand, loan 50 thousand 4. The plan still is over inside 10 years. Try to win sb's favor house, I had done not have any savings, waiting for next month to receive chummage to say again.

I like a building, but not be the gens that fry a room, read the post that I keep 1 year ago, it is deep feeling very. Every house that I had stayed in to me is very sentient, do not sell so. Rented now 3, pretty good also, very stable, annual chummage has small go up.

It is the post that I keep 1 year ago below --

I this year 36 one full year of life, husband is 41 years old, the son is 5 years old.

I am gens of marry at a mature age. Before I marry, namely 30 years old before, because work very exert to one's utmost, every monthly wages increases deduct a percentage, 5, 6000 it is some. The kin friend that adds abroad gives me, parents leaves my money, and bought in the past primitive a money that make, I had had 600 thousand right-and-left stockpile before marriage.

Because I become aware,get oneself the condition of each respect is pretty good, so, the person that I feel that I must look for me to like does husband, is not wealthy person. Because myself is OK have ample food and clothing, do not need long-term mess card. I met my present husband later, his economic condition is very poor, come out from army, only 50 thousand yuan deposit money, just went to Shanghai when live in basement. He has the job, but not stable. Nevertheless, he reads construction project major to come out in military school, university undergraduate course, I like this major. His humanness is hopeful and humorous, because be rural one's previous experience, can bear hardships very much. The man of unlike Shanghai, I feel very attract me. Of course, he is quite handsome also, 181 height, have man lofty quality very much again. Although go after my person to also have a few at that time, everybody is richer than him. Then, as a child the woman married the Shanghai of coddle since childhood to come from the poor officer of North Jiangsu country. Actually marital key is lot.

Below my help, he with very rapid rate, the means that uses talent communication went to change of registered permanent residence Shanghai. I did not tell him to have how many money, tell him I have 50 thousand yuan of stockpiles only, because I am afraid of his settle on,I am the money because of me. In fact, he is a person that does not care to money. 1989 autumn, we spent 100 thousand yuan of money that be less than, bought Pudong poplar near Pu Daqiao small 2 rooms one hall, 64 square metre, at that time is use, the length of service that uses my father later was spent 20 thousand 1000 yuan 3 are bought issued property right. In the winter, we decorated it with 20 thousand yuan or so, we married here 1999. After marrying, I often hit in the past, go out with the meal, after following him, nurturance sit public transportation, often burn the habit that the meal has in the home. He can bear hardships very much, once said to me, because do not have money, when going to Beijing and Shanghai playing in the past, even bivouac street. So called travel sits namely bus, sit to last station from the first station, see a landscape.
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