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Fund of lone female white-collar casts conduct financial transactions 3 years to
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Miss Chen, 25 years old, lone, lunar income 3300 yuan, cash deposits money 4000 yuan, elder sister go off with 4000 yuan of urgent need (this part may not give a) so quickly, give parents every year 5000 yuan of living cost. Lunar expenses makes an appointment with 600~800 on average yuan, 4000 yuan more than tooth is correctional cost needs to pay (pay in installment before the end of the year can) .

Target of conduct financial transactions is buy room, excuse me this how conduct financial transactions?

Division of conduct financial transactions:  of discharge of  of surname of ┮ of  of discharge of Xian ┭  mounds in lax Wu?AFP) of analyse of Yu of hey of quail of drop insane beat, individual conduct financial transactions, safe from job seniority

One, the individual is basic circumstance

Current and lone, without any domestic responsibilities, parents needs provide for; year income 39600 yuan, year defray makes an appointment with 13400 yuan. Deposit 4000 yuan, additionally 4000 yuan of creditor's rights did not call in, predict to still require pay this year 4000 yuan of teeth are correctional cost, without be in debt.

2, target of individual conduct financial transactions

The basis bears actually ability prepares to buy housing in Dongguan

3, basic hypothesis

1. inflationary rate is 5% , income growing rate is 6% , house price increase rate is 6% , year investment return rate is 8% .

2. because the data of gains of Miss Chen income is finite, reason of short duration takes no account of 3 danger of " one gold " and individual income tax.

4, analysis of individual financial standing

According to offerred data, the cash flow of knowable client is as follows:

From above cash flow meter knowable, miss Chen income is not high, and income source channel is onefold, the life is relatively frugal, have consciousness of active program of conduct financial transactions and investment consciousness. Age is lighter, want to value study and individual ego rise in value, anticipate prospective income has bigger growth, go up objectively say the risk bears capability is stronger. Additional, according to offerred data analysis, did not buy any commercial insurance, insurance safeguard function is insufficient.

Program of conduct financial transactions

After because Miss Chen can anticipate,buying room time to be 3 years. Wait for conditional estimation according to the age, family, income, fight risk ability taller, suggest income surplus chooses to deliver fund surely regularly every months, head period house money and marry prepare. Throw 2000 yuan of way that can choose investment to combine every months surely, if 1300 yuan are stock fund () of flexibility of Lan Kelin of the platelet in be like an ancient name for China, Guo Haifu, 400 yuan are bond fund (if become bond C greatly, roc Hua Putian) , expect yield 5%=8.8% of × of 76% × 10% 24% . Predict yield is 69 thousand yuan after 3 years, just made a period money quite, decorate money to still need to raise money through other channel.
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