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Outer mix look for a chummage not easily also to want classics " ninety-nine tho
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I am moved into new home eventually!

Do not pass, to now I had not seen landlord, appreciably knows of a bit is, she is the strong person that gives evening early to put in hour 's charge to cannot leave mahjong, contacted her to be in mahjong house in the past every time, but conversation works very free and easy, the sense is good still. Everything is not important! Have oneself temporary fossa eventually.

Look for a house to be able to say to let cross of classics of my all previous, it is not easy really to experienced a person to be mixed outside.

In apply for a job, seek a room, look for a boy friend to sum up: Seeking a room is more difficult than applying for a job, looking for a boy friend is more difficult than seeking a room! What the job cares is salary, future, the time of the consideration is a month, how much is the salary that those who care is a month, be no good change, exchange labor makes a need hand over formalities settle accounts basic with respect to OK. The house gets a care to be in live in so that whether be at ease; The moral quality that combines the person that hire is reliable; Circumjacent environment, traffic situation is waited a moment, the contract deadline that rents a house commonly is a year, the time of the consideration is a year, those who care is this a year live so that the value nots worth, be no good change, change a house to make move, move have to bother labor. Below one station of the boy friend is the husband. The husband but all one's life thing, inside section of provision of square respect noodle need not it is clear that I say great master, be no good change, when I value much person to change, should absolutely refuse to to live, still do not eliminate individual and special situation of course. It is difficult to be an upright person, it is more difficult to do a wife.

Looked for a house this to encounter a lot of farfetched troubles, in become a victim time and again while also earned a lot of people sympathize with. Also grew nevertheless many, understood the narration of farmer and snake deeply! Be paid sincerely sometimes and can not get the get one's own back with same other people, be in for many times for many times I am not quite firm still after falling, couldn't help crying greatly, when continueing to face, say not to want to oneself repeatedly so easily believe a person, but still behave so babyishly finally. Inherent, I also do not have method!

Just stepped a society, by the lesson of brutal social firm firm, within an inch of let me become an army deserter! Not bad, there still is a lot of to care me beside, the friend that supports me, let me spend this difficulty. Knew who is really good to me now, adversity sees the real situation! I can cherish them well, the favour of drop water should emerge fontal look newspaper!

Most should benedictory is my parents, my family member, because they are to never had hit those who fold to my care! Mom calls every time coming is inquire after sb's health, say a truth, I just experience the feeling to the sort of nest heart that is cared by parents to now. Not be I am blown, basically be me too sensible, never have let my parents had worried, in the school they are opposite previously I am 100 percent be at ease. But now is to lie between a day to come the circumstance that a phone asks me, a girl is outside very let a person worry about. Heart of parents of pitiful the world, so I the friend beside me, downstair the aunt of small shop, introduce the telephone number of the intermediary of the house, no matter be a machine or mobile phone,tell me Mom. I am afraid that which days of my mobile phone appears: I am sorry, the telephone that you dial already stopped machine; I am sorry, the telephone that you dial is not serving an area; I am sorry, the phone …… that you dial in that way my parents is sure the meeting is very anxious! Hey, this action is very brilliant.
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