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Yu Ying wave: My Olympic Games " the classics that rent a house " namely not eag
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Olympic Games weak point hires the market of the room to be not the flourishing in the imagination, the house-owner that many wanting that firm of firm of Olympic Games of have the aid of scoops up brushstroke not only fail to achieve what one wishes, instead compensate the madam is folded again arms. The money that Olympic Games weak point rents a house also is not so good earn. Nevertheless, you never mention it, still have provide a mind which perceives both past and future Peking Man alone, the little business chance that Olympic Games of have the aid of rents a house is little earned brushstroke, at the gentleman it is a among them.

Live in area of Beijing rising sun to establish water bridge dawn the gentleman of Yu Ying wave of one city and a lot of Beijing citizens are same, very during valueing an Olympic Games the market renting a house of Beijing. Be in then June when, move the room that left the 80 square metre that live oneself at the gentleman, gave intermediary company to rent the room of rise high into the air. Did not let at gentleman disappointment, the American family that his house hired 3 when come to Beijing see an Olympic Games home with 14 thousand yuan of prices of every months, lease is 8 months.

Ask when the reporter, in at present the stagnant market that rent a house falls, your building can be great what is hack recipe when, say self-confidently at the gentleman: "It is to decorate! " say, take the picture that intermediary company takes to the room at that time to the reporter to look at gentleman face about: Two rooms two hall, take toilet, take a kitchen. Gules all around the furniture of wall and white mutual set off, expert simply again already; Sofa and mensal cloth simple but elegant are neat; The curtain that contains peony to spend design added a to whole sitting room lively; The wall is mural hang a picture to make a room more one minute high temperament; One person's tall desk lamp, light yellow envelops whole room, sweet and free from worry. Say proudly at the gentleman: "This kind decorates the feeling that has the home very much, home of too comfortable syncretic lived 3 times! Home of too comfortable syncretic lived 3 times!!

"Of course, this house is on subway edge, go which are convenient. And leave cubic metre of bird's nest, water very close, also the distance with respect to a few kilometers. " from inside the mouth at the gentleman, the reporter understands, easy communication and advantageous a sector of an area also are this building successful hack is important reason.

Disclose at surviving first, if be to be in at ordinary times, bridge establishing water this a sector of an area, decorate him a house of this kind of degree, every month hire probably also with respect to the appearance of -1022, although this is short,hire, but the hire of a such months also is touched on before the hire of half an year. "This can be the light that touched an Olympic Games really. " plaint at the gentleman.
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