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The woman buys a room to be sold to sue a bargainor to obtain compensate for spo
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Zhang Yu (alias) from Zhang Jiang (alias) one flatlet house was bought in the hand, obtain property right evidence. After a few years, zhang Yu is informed, this room already was closed down as spoil by public security mechanism before she is bought, immediately of card of its property right is built by Beijing appoint cancel. For this, zhang Yu appeals to Zhang Jiang to the court, claim for compensation is close 300 thousand yuan. Recently, go in for sth in a large scale the court sentences your Zhang Jiang to recoup Zhang Yu loss more than yuan 180 thousand.

Zhang Yu says, on March 30, 2001, zhang Jiang is located in his the up to of one office building that go in for sth in a large scale 170 thousand yuan price sells her. Two people sign an agreement, if because of buying and selling this building appears,agree property right dispute, zhang Jiang assumes legal responsibility.

Of the same age in June, zhang Yu obtains evidence of building property right. June 2004, jilin province Public Security Department is accused via letter of detect total fleet go in for sth in a large scale real estate department, say they already closed down on March 14, 2001 this building, informed Zhang Jiang. Subsequently, property right card of Zhang Yu is cancelled, the building is sentenced to make vacate by the court return a company. Zhang Yu sues Zhang Jiang then.

Zhang Jiang argue says, he closes down without what had gotten public security body announcement, nonexistent fraudulent action, the compensatory amount that Ju Zhangyu requests exceeds building business to trade frontal part does not have legal basis. He thinks to answer to be built by Beijing of the 3rd person appoint assume liability to pay compensation to Zhang Yu's loss, because city is built appoint investigating the error that go up with respect to existence at the beginning, cause piece of consequence that card of hard gold house property is cancelled finally.

The court thinks, contract of business of building of two people existence concerns, zhang Jiang has Xiang Zhangyu to offer those who accord with contract agreement " make sure building property right is flawless " compulsory. According to Jilin province total fleet of detect of classics of Public Security Department is maintained, all this buildings fasten Zhang Jiang spoil, do not belong to its individual lawful belongings. Zhang Jiang sells the house property that does not belong to his originally grant Zhang Yu, put in fault, to giving Zhang Yu the reasonable loss that cause accordingly, should grant to repay. 300 thousand yuan of Zhang Yu claim for compensation in, the part such as duty of poundage of the house money that its had paid, buying and selling, agree adds up to more than yuan 180 thousand loss, the court gives support.

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